The team - RODIThe team - RODI

The RODI Team – Oliver,Michael, Godfrey, Johnson and Richard

Johnson Lwondo – Co-founder, Executive Director, RODI

Johnson and his wife Agnes have two children Rodney Richie and Whitney Catherine. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Organizational Studies and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management. He became orphaned due to HIV/AIDS at 11 years old and had the burden of raising 5 young siblings. With support from a sponsor in Florida, he managed to study as well as support his other siblings who all possess degrees in different disciplines now. The lessons learned during those hard times challenged him and Richard to start RODI. 

Richard Mutaawe – Co-founder, Sponsorship/ Administration Director, RODI

Richard and his wife Annette have two children, Mercy and Joshua. Richard holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Public Administration and Management. He grew up with Johnson under very hard circumstances. He too became orphaned due to HIV/AIDS at 10 years and had a burden of raising 3 young siblings. Unfortunately, one did not make it due to very hard conditions in the home. Like Johnson, with support from various people and organizations, he managed to study and raise his two siblings. The lessons learned during those hard times and the experience of many helping hands inspired him to pair up with Johnson to start RODI. On top of his RODI responsibilities, Richard has been teaching to able to care for his family. 

Godfrey Ssempiira - Volunteer

Godfrey and his wife Sylvia have three children; two sons, Frank and Mark and a daughter Veronica. RODI first came in contact with Sylvia who is a member of the Hope Again Women ministry (HAW). Soon, its leaders discovered that with her husband, Godfrey, they were struggling to look after four young girls who were not their own children. Because of his love for children, Godfrey started volunteering with RODI in June 2008.  Sylvia is one of HAW and works tirelessly to support other women!  The jewelry sale proceeds allowed Sylvia and Godfrey to build a new house. Also, some of the money from the jewelry has been used to pay for Godfrey’s continued education. Godfrey is in his final year of a teacher training program. Godfrey and Sylvia have a great heart for needy children and continue to look after the four needy girls on top of their three children without much support from other people, except RODI. Godfrey is the leader of the volunteers and oversees the HAW ministry. His love for children is admirable! 

Michael Ssempiira - Volunteer

Michael is a brother to Johnson Lwondo, the Executive Director of RODI. Michael is one of the five siblings that Johnson supported and raised!  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social works and Social Administration. He is married  to Oliver and they have a son Blessing. Michael loves children who are under the conditions they lived in as children. When he graduated in June 2009, he decided to join RODI as a volunteer in order to be able to love other children as they were loved. He is very flexible, always ready to go anywhere at any time. When you want to send someone to perform  a very urgent task, you call Michael!

Oliver Namirimo – Office Administrator

Oliver is the ONLY paid employee of RODI at the moment. She joined RODI in 2011 we realized that there was need for someone who would help talk to the growing young girls but also perform other official activities on a daily basis. She later got married to Michael in September 2012. The two had known each other before Oliver joined RODI and she loved so much the work that Michael was doing among children. She holds a certificate in secretarial studies and has extensive knowledge in record keeping and accounting which have greatly benefited the RODI since she joined. Since 2011, her motherly love has enabled her to reach out to very many children in families that are beneficiaries of the various RODI programs. Today, many children refer to her as a mother, not only of her son Blessing, but of all children under RODI programs!

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