Rakai District

Rakai DistrictLocation of Rakai District in Uganda

Rakai District is located in the southwestern part of the Central Region of Uganda, bordered by Tanzania in the south and Lake Victoria in the East. The Rakai district of Uganda is the ground zero of AIDS in the early 1980s. Since then, HIV/AIDS continues to devastate the entire community. Despite effort by government and non-government Organisations, the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the District remains the highest in the country ranging between 50% (in urban centres) and 30% (in rural areas).

Since the disease was discovered in Rakai in 1981, more than a million people have died, leaving behind more than 1.2 million orphans in Uganda and many of these Orphans are found in Rakai District. There are many child headed households engulfed by biting poverty because their late parents did not leave behind any investments. With the parents gone too early, the main hope for most orphans remains in education. However, this is an impossible dream for many children who are struggle daily to get at least a meal.

Many children are being raised by elderly relatives and have no choice but to work as laborers, rather than attend school. Consequently at the eve of their adolescence, many children resort to indecent means of earning survival like offering child labor and prostitution. RODI is desirous of supporting such children, their families and communities to release them from the “viscous circle of HIV/AIDS and poverty” and help them to realize their potential and God given talents. 

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