What makes us distinct?

Many organizations design activities basing on results of surveys and experiences of either other Organisations or their managers. Unfortunately We feel with the children because we have been there beforeWe feel with the children because we have been there beforethese surveys many times do not portray the reality. People will always behave differently at the face of a stranger and many times surveys alone cannot provide the correct information to support proper planning. The Rakai Community is further complicated because people will always tell you what you want to hear and show you what you want to see. In such cases all planned activities may be based on incorrect information which either leads to wastage or failure to realize the planned outcomes.  

What makes us distinct is the fact that we are located in our areas of We plan with the living guardians because the complement usWe plan with the living guardians because the complement usoperation. We live in the communities where we work and therefore have the opportunity to plan activities and interventions that suit the exact problem. This minimizes wastage and under estimation which helps us to achieve optimum output from all effort and finances invested. We have the opportunity to interact with the children and their guardians, the local leaders and school leaders even before we announce a program to benefit a particular group in the community. And because people know that we live in the community, surveys yield information that is more dependable and therefore helpful to guide well the process of planning and implementation. 

See our approach. View Our Approach

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