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If it were possible, the best would be for every sponsor to buy a gift a gift and send it to his/her child and/or their family. We encourage sponsors to send a monetary gift mainly because itSend a GiftYour gift can change the life of a family is the most secure way to send a gift to your child. It allows us to purchase an appropriate gift for your child which best suits the child’s needs. It also saves money on costly postage costs, allowing 100% of your gift money to go towards the child’s gift. In addition, the money you send will have greater purchasing power and will result in a larger gift than it would if it was purchased in the United States because some gifts are cheaper in Uganda. Such a gift can be sent along with your regular monthly support and noting what the extra money is to be used for.

We therefore advise that if possible every any gift be sent in form of money. RODI has made a list of some of the gifts that you can give your children. We have indicated the local cost of each of the gifts and your child and/or their family will participate in the process of buying it. Once the funds have been received, one of our staff will be allocated this responsibility and pictures of the child and/or their family will be sent to you after the gift has been received. If you are ready to give a gift go to our Gift Catalogue.      

Gift Catalogue

Send a GiftYour Gift can keep a child Like Mike warm on a cold night

If you would still like to send a package, make sure you write your child’s ID number on each item you enclose.  Remove the items from their original packaging and place each item in a clear zip lock bag for easy identification by customs agents.  When filling out the customs form, make sure that you do not attach high values or enticing descriptions to the items that you send as they are more likely to be stolen that way or may attract a tax.

Please avoid sending perishable food items, anything requiring electricity or batteries  because either your child and/or family may not have access to it or may find it expensive to buy batteries. Anything of great value may also be stolen.

 You can send a package through a visiting friend or mail it to:

The Sponsorship Office,

Rakai Orphans Development Initiative

P.O Box 25468

Kampala, Uganda


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