Promote RODIThese Women are able to support their families if they are able to sell their products. You can promote their products.

Become an Advocate

Given the economic times, it may be very uncomfortable approaching another person but if it saves a child, a family or a community, why not do it?! It is very normal that your budget may not allow you to donate as you may wish Become an AdvocateYou Can help us support other lives by talking to others about what we dobut there is something else you can do; to share with other people about RODI and/or our partners. These could be friends and family, members of a group that you know, a church congregation or another organization.

When you share, you give God a chance to speak to other people about this ministry. Do your part and leave the rest to God. There are various programs and projects in which different people may have interest. See our programs.

To get specific information about our programs and projects, visit  Our Programs

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