Agricultire and Food SecurityMany families grow food for their families but this is often impossible due to lack of tools and good see varieties. 

Agriculture and Food Security (AFS)

Over 80% of the population in the country is dependent on agriculture; looking at it for all their individual and family needs. Subsistence agriculture is the dominant economic activity, employing over 85% of the people in Uganda. Crops grown include bananas, beans, potatoes, cassava, maize, sorghum, finger millet, fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, pineapples, onions and cabbages.

In this era of constant climate change, agriculture in Rakai continues to face various challenges. The climatic seasons have so much changed that people cannot be able to predict either the rains or the dry season. This has led to poor yields year in – year out. In addition, most of the lands have been degraded due to over cultivation and land fragmentation. This explains why Rakai is one of the districts that are affected greatly by the floods and dry seasons. Despite the woes due to climate change, life has got to continue!

RODI carries out programs in the community that train the people about sustainable use of the environment that surround them. There is need for continued effort in this direction because with the ever changing climate and poverty many people think that there is no other option excepting continuing with practices that damage the environment. There is still need to help people to develop attitude and ways of survival that are protective to the environment. 

Worse still, the lack of tools by households has denied them chance to grow enough food for the family. Many such families have land where they can grow food but they lack tools and seeds. Your donation will help buy appropriate tools and seeds for households to solve the problem of food scarcity. When the harvests are high, the surplus can be sold for an income to buy other needs of the family.

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