Community Theatre ProjectChildren entertaining visitor with a traditional song and dance

Community Theatre Project

Led by Jamil, this project was started in 2012 to support children who are talented in Ugandan traditional performing arts and are not able to attend school for various reasons. Its leader, Jamil, is very talented in traditional performing arts but dropped out of school in Grade 10 because he was not progressing well. Like Jamil, apart from some Hope Again Women, most members of this project are youth who either dropped out of school because they were not progressing well or never attended school after they lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS. 

Through this project, we create piecemeal music, drama, dance and folklore programs for these youth to give them joy, keep them busy and therefore less destructive and boost their confidence and improve their discipline to be able to earn an income in the future. Therefore, through this project we give new opportunities to youth through rehabilitation and skills development. We hope that in the future young children can begin to appreciate their talents and earn a living from them. They can perform on parties and be able to earn an income while enjoying themselves.

At the moment RODI entirely supports this project by feeding the members on all days when they come for practice but has only been able to buy a few necessary equipment and . You can help support the development of talent by making a donation which will help buy all the necessary equipment.

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