The Hope Again WomenThe Welfare of the women has greatly improved through sale of their products. Many of the m can now afford a smile.

The Hope Again Women Ministry

As an effort to help women develop an attitude and means of survival that are environmentally friends, the Hope Again Women’s Ministry (HAWM) was started in 2009. The HAWM brings together women in the community to make crafts as an alternative source of income for their families from'waste' materials.

This project was founded after recognizing the extraordinary efforts made by women, (often grandmothers, widows, and single mothers) to care for children who have no one to turn to for assistance. We felt that supporting these women would help change a culture of marginalizing women. This project is a good meeting place to talk to women about HIV/AIDS.

The Hope Again Women MinistryThe Hope Again Women beads from paper to make jewelryRODI and its partners support the entrepreneurial efforts of these women by promoting  and selling of handmade jewelry, baskets and soccer balls. The women use the proceeds as they see fit—to pay for tuition, health care, antiretroviral medications, housing, clothing, etc. Some women have been able to start their own business such as a small store, a pineapple farm and a chicken-raising operation. They also contribute money to various RODI causes such as buying bedding for orphans, HIV/AIDS education and supporting some children that are not sponsored to get quality education.

The project has had various benefits and include reduced violence against women, increased number of children attending good schools, women empowerment, and reduced conflicts in the community. The women are also able to use the income from the sale of their crafts to start other smaller projects but also buy the households needs: food, drugs, clothes. The Hope Again Women MinistryProducts of the Hope Again Women.

This effort is going on and some women have formed small saving groups so that they can start group projects in the future. The more products we are able to sell, the bigger the impact in the households and community. The main way of supporting this project is by purchasing and marketing the products by the women. If you have any contacts that can help us sell more products, kindly drop us an email or make an order. You can make an order now!  

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