Malaria PreventionChildren excited after receiving Mosquito nets at the RODI office

Malaria Prevention

In Uganda, Malaria remains the major cause of death for especially children because many families cannot afford to getMalaria PreventionAnnet safe from the mosquitos proper treatment. Even then, the cost of treating Malaria is much higher than the cost of its prevention. We are making effort to prevent Malaria through:

  • Educating communities on how to avoid Malaria
  • Distribution of  mosquito nets to vulnerable families
  • Periodical fumigation around  selected boarding schools

Because many vulnerable families stay in temporary shelters, mosquito nets are the most effective way of preventing Malaria. 3 mosquito nets can save a family since children sleep together according to gender in many families (the girls can sleep in one, the boys in another and their guardians in the remaining one). Each quality twin sized mosquito net costs $18. 

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