Safe Water for LifeSchool Children fetching water from a community well which they share with animals

Safe Water for Life

Every day more than 6,000 children die from diseases spread by unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation and hygiene. Giving to the safe Water for Life Fund will help bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities to help cut child deaths by more than half! Your gift of clean water will also help save children the suffering caused by parasites, worms, dysentery, and diarrhea.

Worse still, many children walk very long distances to get unsafe water for use in the family and end up missing school. When this water is available near their homes, they can be able to attend school, because they won’t have to spend their days sick in bed or walking long distances to collect water. Clean water has improved the villagers’ health and saved many  walk hours a day.  We have put in place two intervention;Safe Water for LifeSchool children excited to have a new cement water tank i which rain water can be harvested

Construction of concrete water tanks

They help in harvesting rain water. It costs $5,000 to construct a 30,000 litres water tank which can be for a school and $1,500 for a 5,000 litres water tank which can be for a family. Donations for this project in the past helped us construct two concrete water tanks at one of the high schools in the area. Several sponsors have also been able to donate concrete water tanks to their sponsored families.

Apart from saving energy for the children, this initiative has helped to provide safe water for all the children and adults.Help us to provide safe Water to more people.                                                                                   

Distribution of bio-sand water filtersSafe Water for LifeVeronica, her children and neighbors get safe clean drinking water from this water filter donated to them

The bio-sand filters that we purchase are supplied by Tiva Water and they come from USA. Due to poverty, many people sleep in grass thatched houses which make it hard for a family to harvest rain water.

People may continue to get their water from the community water collection reservoirs from where they share it with animals but running it through the filters makes it safe for drinking and for other uses at home. Each filter can serve up-to 15 people since even the neighbors can come and access this clean drinking water.  Each Filter costs $70 with a metallic stand.

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