Worms Control ProgramA visiting Nurse friend helping with the deworming exercise in one of the Schools in Rakai

Worms Control Program

The primary goal of this program is to help boost the immune systems of children. Besides HIV/AIDS and Malaria,Worms Control ProgramChildren like Sarah need to be dewormed in order to grow well worms are another cause of slow development among children in Rakai District. Parasitic worms are common and have the ability to deactivate certain immune system cells leading to a milder immune response leading to constant sickness among children which sometimes result into deaths.

Using volunteer nurses and doctors from the community and/or abroad, we carry out regular deworming exercises among all children in our programs and in some schools depending on the funding. We do this three times a year and have seen tremendous improvement in the health of various children. They are able to grow well because their immune systems are able to resist infections and diseases. Support this drive, fund the purchase of deworming drugs.                                                                                

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