Mike Mazinga (16 years)

Mike and 3 of his siblings live their mother. Their father died in 1998 and the mother struggled to raise the five children without any major income generating activity for the family. Unlike many children, Mike is very out spoken and can clearly express himself.  Mike joined RODI in 2009 mainly due to his own effort and character. Because of his character, he approached his current sponsors himself when they were attending a function in Uganda in February 2009. He explained to them his desire to study and become a doctor in Uganda but was not sure he would achieve his dream because his mother did not have the ability to pay for his education. In June 2009, RODI got communication from two families in USA which wanted to know more about Mike and later pledged to sponsor him to study. Today, Mike is enrolled in one of the best schools studying Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics with a vision of becoming a medical doctor or a pharmacist. He has one year left to complete the secondary level and hopefully will join university in August 2014. In his own words, Mike says that:

“At the end of 2008, we got bad news. The organization that had been supporting me in school was going to leave my area by the end of 2009. As a process of withdrawing in the area, it was not going to pay any school fees for children especially for those who were not sponsored like me. I got so scared and knew that my dream of becoming a doctor was no more. I contacted my brother who was working on a farm away from our home to see if the owner of the farm could allow me join him. Because I was very short, when the owner of the farm saw me, he refused to even talk with me about what I had asked. I went back to my mother crying!

At the start of 2009, we heard that the organization that had been supporting me was planning a ceremony to celebrate their achievements in the area. My mother had not been invited because I did not have a sponsor but on that day I said a prayer and went to the place where the celebration was going to held. I kept praying and I tried to find a way to talk to the ‘muzungu(white people)’ that were around to see if anyone would accept to sponsor me. I realized that not many people were speaking to them and I feared at first. But by God’s grace I managed to speak to some of them. I was relieved even if I had not been promised what I needed. I went back home and started digging with my mother.

When I saw people from another organization (RODI) coming to our home in May 2009, I was so happy. Even before they said anything, I was sure it was good news coming. They told me that the people I had talked to during the celebration wanted to know more information about me and my family. We gave it to them and two weeks later a staff came from RODI came back to our told me I was going to be sponsored by two families. He gave me everything I needed for school and took me to a new school. Since then, I have been working very hard to see that I achieve my dream of becoming a very good doctor in Uganda to save many children. I am so grateful to God for selecting me from the many children. I have so many friends who dropped out of school and I feel bad for them. I feel I am very blessed.”

Mike is very hard working and his teachers believe that he will realize his dream of becoming a doctor. There are many children who are not outspoken like Mike but a very bright and would be very important people if they got a chance for education. Pray for them and share the about RODI with other people.

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